Garment Lofts Honored by Downtowners of Distinction!

DTLA - Downtown Los Angeles today has little in common with the Downtown of 2000. Sure, the basic geography is the same, a lot of people still work here and many landmarks endure, but almost everything else is different: There are more high-rises dotting the skyline, more restaurants, more businesses and more parks. The residential population has swelled by nearly 40,000, and Downtown  is now a nightlife hub.

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Every year brings change, but in 2015 the change was even more pronounced than usual, thanks to a clutch of diverse projects that will impact life in the neighborhood for decades to come.

In the following pages, Los Angeles Downtown News highlights some of the transformative additions from the past year with our 15th annual Downtowners of Distinction Awards. The prizes are dispensed by district, and when choosing winners we sought to identify projects that had the greatest positive effect on their individual community, and also benefitted Downtown as a whole (prizes were not given in every district).

The nine district winners for 2015 were selected by the editorial staff of Downtown News, and the awards will be handed out Tuesday, Feb. 23. Next week the Project of the Year, selected from among the individual winners by leaders from each district, will be revealed.

Picking a winner isn’t easy, and in several instances there were other projects that clearly deserved recognition. We only give one Distinction award in each district, but we wanted to highlight some of those who worked hard to better the neighborhood. 


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